Build your business in 12 weeks.

The Oasis Pre-Accelerator was developed to help early-stage businesses reach the traction they need to successfully apply to later stage accelerators.

Top Tier Mentors

Getting personalized advice from experts in their field can make all the difference when you are doing something new and innovative.

Solid Curriculum

Based on Disciplined Entrepreneurship's 24 steps, our curriculum guides you through the important questions you will need to answer.

Access to Community

Be a part of an innovation community, learn from other participants, members at Cowork Oasis, and from the growing pool of mentors.

An intensive 12 week program

Modeled off Disciplined Entrepreneurship's 24 steps to a successful startup, our pre-accelerator will take you from idea to your first customers. With a heavy focus on the fundamentals of your business, you will lay a strong foundation upon which you can continue your growth. With access to top tier mentors and workshops you will receive personalized advice specific to your business. Best of all the entire program is offered entirely free of charge.

Registration Deadline - July 1st

After registration, a deliberation process will take place. Those accepted will receive an email containing further details.

Orientation - July 7th

Those accepted to the Pre-accelerator will be introduced to the program and each other. Each participant will receive a 1:1 session to determine how they should approach the program based on the stage of their business.

Seminars, roundtables, and mentorship - Week 1 through week 11

Seminars and roundtables will be conducted each Saturday. During seminars experts will present on their topic in addition to Q&A. Roundtables are where you and other participants will gather to discuss progress, problems encountered, and set new goals for the following weeks. Individual mentorship will be available at any time.

Pitch Practice - Week 16th (September 15-22th)

During the last week of the program you will learn how to construct and use a pitch deck. This will help you be prepared for applying to accelerator or pitching to investors.

Demo Day - September 29th

Demo day is the culmination of the program. You will pitch your startup in front of panel of investors and business leaders.


El Paso based

Your company must be based in El Paso or the surrounding region. You will also be expected to be in the region for at least 70% of the 12 week program.

Showing up for meetings

Once per week, you will be required to meet for a series of events that will last around 3 to 4 hours. We will work with all members of the class to accommodate schedules. Other events will be optional but highly encouraged.

Dedication to push yourself

You will be expected to push yourself throughout the course of the program. At the bare minimum working 20 hours per week on your project, but expect to work 40+. 


Watch the final pitches from the teams of Cohort 1!

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