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Block Chain Fireside Chat

Blockchain Fireside Chat

This talk articulates some of the fundamental challenges in Software Sustainability for Science and for the practice. It introduces a novel blockchain driven approach that can address many of these fundamental challenges. Specifically, the proposed approach establishes metrics that are sensitive to each project context and priorities, proactively identifies sustainability concerns, and restructures prevalent incentives in favor of long term software sustainability.
The talk is relevant, not only to computer science and software engineering practitioners and researchers, but also to scientists and investigators who use or develop specialized software for their research objectives.

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Founded by two native El Pasoan's and backed by local investors and institutions, CoWork Oasis is the first of its kind to come to the Paso del Norte region. Along with access to prime business amenities, CoWork Oasis is an innovation community that offers both the resources and inspiration necessary to put big ideas into action.

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The Red Queen and the Inevitability of the Amazoogle Business Model

Shomit Ghose – February 2018

The Biology of Business

In business as in biology, primary producers occupy the lowest level in the food chain. In biology, as organisms rise up the food chain they rise in trophic level: for example, from plants to herbivores. Similarly, in business, as products rise up the value chain they also rise in trophic level: for example, from raw materials to manufactured goods. In biology, carnivores are the apex predators sitting atop the food chain. What defines the analogue apex predator in business?

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  • 5 Stars – “Great place to get work done! Love the mentality everyone has here, very inspiring and motivating.”
    Jonathan Diaz
    CMO at Parabeac