Your CoWork Oasis Journey

We created this roadmap to help you get the most out of your membership with CoWork Oasis. All tasks are optional, yet highly encouraged.

Your first two months

Welcome to CoWork Oasis! You may notice that many of the tasks listed below involve interacting with other members. The reason for this is that community is at the heart of CoWork Oasis. You will also find that the most value will come from the connections that you develop here.

You may notice that under each task is a number of points. If you are able to reach at least 300points you will be rewarded. To accomplish a task another CoWork member must sign off with their signature on your CoWork journey document which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Get to know a CoWork member
+15 points 

Make Coffee
+5 points

Clean the dishes
+5 points

Use VR for atleast 30 minutes
+10 points (Only once)

Post a meme on slack
+5 points (Only once)

Attend an event
+10 points

Setup printing
+5 points (Only once)

Use the jamboard for 15 minutes
+5 points (Only once)

Get lunch with another member
+15 points (Twice)

Invite a guest
+15 points (Up to 3 times)

Pick the music
+5 points (Only once)

Play a game with a member
+10 points (Twice)

Complete a book in cowork
+10 points

Give someone valuable advice
+15 points

Create an event
+30 points

What to do after your first two months

Even if you do all of the tasks in the previous section, there is still plenty of ways to get more out of your membership.

Find a mentor or advisor
Many members rely upon each other for specialized advice.

Customer Discovery
Do surveys and testing with the community.

Join the pre-accelerator
An intensive 12 week program for startups.

Find funding
Learn more about what it takes to get funding.

Find team members
Networking with CoWorkers lets you find potential partners.

Get an internship
As a student open yourself to internships with local startups.

CoWork Journey printable document

Here is a downloadable version of the Cowork Journey sheet for when you sign up.